Dr. Christina Harrington, Ph.D.

Research Lead

Dr. Christina Harrington is a designer and qualitative researcher that focuses on inclusivity in the design of technology and digital information. Her research interests include participatory design among marginalized populations, health information seeking, inclusive design methods, and explorations of co-creation. Specifically, she researches ways to address health-related challenges that are experienced by populations that marginalized, leveraging co-creation, and community-based participatory research methods to understand needs and engage populations in the process of conceptualizing technology solutions.

Dr. Harrington received her Ph.D. in Industrial Design with a focus on accessible interaction design from Georgia Tech in the fall of 2017. She earned a Master’s in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Harrington has supported graduate and undergraduate students with a broad range of interests including experience design, design strategy, design research, and service design. Her students contribute to diverse areas ranging from graphic design to robotics. If you are interested in volunteering or working with the lab please reach out to Dr. Harrington to set up a time to discuss your interests!

Ighodalo Ijagbone

Graduate Research Assistant

Ighodalo is a graduate student at DePaul’s Human-Computer Interaction program. His passion for discovery and cartography led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in Geography. His core strengths are empathy-immersing himself in the user’s perspective, breaking down complex problems into digestible solutions, visual design, rapid prototyping, and interaction design. Ighodalo is passionate about designing meaningful and impactful web-based digital products that meet user needs, business goals, and technology standards.

Paola Favela

Graduate Research Assistant

Paola is a graduate student in DePaul's Human-Computer Interaction Program. Her passion for empathizing with others and conducting community-based research led her to pursue undergraduate degrees in both anthropology and religion. Paola is passionate about improving accessibility and inclusivity in order to design meaningful products that meet user needs, while also inspiring curiosity and enthusiasm in a company and product.

Degnan Lawrence

Graduate Research Assistant

Degnan is a graduate student in DePaul’s Human Centered Design Program. He has been seeking experiences with design-thinking, programming, research methods, and human centered approaches to complex problems, all of which he found through an undergraduate degree in computer engineering. Now Degnan grows a passion for addressing community health issues in rural locations by seeking ways to improve overall quality of life and by connecting these communities with locally-focused design strategies.

Kirsten Bray

Graduate Research Assistant

Kirsten Bray is a graduate student in DePaul's Human-Computer Interaction program. Her combined background in psychology and interest in creative technology shaped her love of human-centered design and user experience research. She now plans to gain experience applying user experience research methods to form actionable insights and create interfaces that are consciously and empathically designed for the people who use them.

Ben Chavez

Graduate Research Assistant

Ben is a graduate student in DePaul’s Computer Science program. Ben completed his B.S. in business at DePaul University in 2015 where he double majored in finance and economics. Ben, subsequently, spent a number of years working in financial services where he developed a passion for computing and technology. After attending a coding bootcamp in Berlin Germany, Ben decided to pursue his masters in computer science at DePaul. Ben hopes to use his coding skills as a tool to help organizations use technology more efficiently as they create positive change in the world.

Katiana Pierre

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Katiana Pierre is a Sophomore at Depaul University studying Computational Neuroscience and User Experience Design. With interest in exploring health technology, she aims to focus on how collaborative research can better engage and empower vulnerable populations through Human-Centered Design. In the future, Katiana hopes to develop sustainable and accessible design solutions to improve and address mental health in underserved communities.

Julianne Sorek

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Julianne Sorek is a rising junior at DePaul University studying Psychology with a concentration on Cognitive Neuroscience. She also minors in Designing for Physical Technologies. Her interests lie in researching and developing equitable mental health technology to expand the outreach of otherwise inaccessible and expensive mental health services. She plans to study abroad in South Korea to get an invaluable look at new technologies in one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world.


Anthony Gladney

Graduate Research Assistant, M.S. HCI c/o 2020

Lian Tran

Graduate Research Assistant, M.S. HCI c/o 2020

Keely White

Undergraduate Research Assistant, B.S. Sociology c/o 2020

Want to Get Involved with the EHI Lab?

We welcome motivated undergraduate and graduate students to work with our lab. As our research takes an interdisciplinary approach to design, we welcome interest from students in HCI HCD, UXD, graphic design, sociology, psychology, computer science, or students from other majors who are interested in engaging in community-based research.  Students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in CDM’s Human-Centered Design program may also contact Dr. Harrington with a proposed project or research area.

Dr. Harrington is accepting students for the summer and fall of 2020 for both paid and volunteer positions. To apply please send a resume and the name of two references (faculty or previous employer) to Dr. Christina Harrington at christina.harrington@depaul.edu. Students may also apply to work with research projects as a part of an independent study with Dr. Harrington. Feel free to contact with additional questions.

We are also interested in industry professionals or academic researchers who wish to collaborate with the EHI Lab or Dr. Harrington individually.